Een prijswinnend team van email fanaten. Met een duidelijke focus op resultaten. We gaan alleen voor maximale impact: we garanderen 22% meer conversie. En we zijn pijlsnel: binnen 22 uur als nodig. En deze toewijding werkt: volgens de Emerce behoren we alweer voor het 2de jaar tot de online top 100 van Nederland.

22 TimesDoelstellingen Translate to an email contact strategy begins to make choices. About the tactics, the email format, the software package and integrations with CRM or webshop. So that all priorities, targets and tools are clear beforehand. Whether it's your monthly newsletters or more advanced event-triggered emails; We set up each email campaign from A to Z. From template design, copywriting, preparing files, shipping up to online profiling & tracking. We continue to optimize continuously. Because it can always be even better. We do not only look at copy, formatting or triggers; Also to the entire customer journey. After all, a mailing can increase the interaction with your target group at many times. Super co-operation. Rarely worked with a party that responds so quickly. Always comes with a correct solution and is so customer-friendly at all times. We are a fan of 22 Times;-) mutual communication is a pleasant way! It is a team of experts who are keen to think and come up with very useful ideas from their expertise. We are excellently guided by the transition from Mailchimp to Copernica. Thanks to the technical knowledge and guidance of 22 Times, there are now fully automatic and personalised email cycles. In the meantime, Darlington has been working with 22 Times for several years. Projects run smoothly, without complicated administration. Once there is time, your job will be revamped. It doesn't matter what time it is. [/ivan_testimonial][/ivan_carousel]